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The way we think about family-owned businesses

We have been working with family-owned businesses for the last 10 years. We have spent most of our time listening and learning from business owners to get a pulse on what the greatest challenges for small business owners are today.

These challenges often include lack of resources and time to carry out complex marketing plans. But most importantly, if we dig deeper, these family businesses don’t think that they could compete with the capital-intensive marketing activities of large multinational companies. 10 years ago, maybe they were even right, but today, thanks to the internet, small businesses are also able to start a sustainable marketing activity.

It is not enough that you are capable of it, you have to do it!

We've highlighted a few key issues that every small business must solve if they want to stay competitive:

Challenge #0 - The brand needs to be more unique and stylish than the competitors

Becoming a recognizable brand today is essential. We believe that the “packaging” of a brand, the image it shows is just as important as the product itself and it has great influence whether a product fails in the market or succeeds.

The Éliás Estate wine portfolio designed by Grape Content

Challenge #1 - you need to create custom or niche products

We believe that successful family brands must make a continuous product acquisition that is in itself newsworthy for their target age group and the narrative must also be constantly adapted to them.

The Bazsalikomoskert product portfolio designed by Grape Content

Challenge #2 - you need an effective website

Let’s say you have an excellent product, the potential customer has even heard of it from one of her friends. The last question is whether she buys it when scrolling through your website or not.

“Not having a website with a crystal clear message and valuable information is costing you time, money and energy.”

Gilvesy Winery website created by Grape Content:

Check out one of our latest project, the Gilvesy webshop where we used all our knowledge to build a clear, modern and effective website:

Challenge #3 - you need to reach plenty of consumers on a regular basis

Social media is the best shot to engage with customers on an everyday basis. It is the most effective platform to establish connection and grow loyalty with customers.

“At Grape Content, our work is to come up with new and innovative ideas in order to help navigate our partners through the wide range of marketing tools and help them make their voices heard online.”

Café Vian' s instagram page managed by Grape Content:

We help our partner, Café Vian with these same principles, check out our work on their instagram page:

Challenge #3 - Creating something new every now and then

Our partners have a lot of work to do in producing awesome products therefore they cannot always have the time to spot the emerging trends and product development opportunities.

“At Grape Content, we not only help our partners communicate new things, but we also stand by them in finding these innovation opportunities.”

The Patikakert product portfolio designed by Grape Content

The new Patikakert product portfolio wonderfully expresses our experimental virtues and our ability to always find new ways in product development.


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