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3 global wine trends and what to look out for

Perhaps we can all agree that a distinctive and successful wine brand has an emotional tie to consumers. However, the tools that lead to this success are constantly changing, as are consumer needs. That’s why we believe the secret to success is to choose a flexible strategy that easily adapts to the ever-changing global and individual consumer trends.

From digital strategy and e-commerce through marketing personalisation for millennials, these are the TOP3 most important marketing tools which drives our partners business:

1. Find the right product for the right customer

Costum marketing segmentation might not have been a widely applied marketing technique in the wine industry, but it cannot be ignored anymore. Identifying your own key consumer segments by product lines and communication is a great first step to a more efficient business operation.

As an example take a look at the new product line of the Dúzsi Winery, which is a completely new approach to quality rosé wines and represents a specific target group.

2. Content that worths sharing

The growth of online content has given companies a great opportunity to accompany their consumers in everyday life. Therefore recurring loyal consumers now more valuable than ever. But at the same time content marketing puts a pressure on businesses to constantly create and share relevant and valuable content with its customers.

“With our partners we place great emphasis on the production of new content, be it an “insider” post or a complex PR article.”

A great example of an effective online presence is our social media communication work with the Gilvesy Winery.

Gilvesy Winery's instagram:

3. Limited availability

In our experience, the new generation customer can be really convinced with a limited edition product or service, prepared for special occasions.

Our partner, Bazsalikomoskert is a great example for the limited edition strategy. Its tea line, for example focuses on special occasions and life situations, or the natural Christmas gourmet selection, which with their wonderful packaging can be a great christmas gift.


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