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Welcome to the world of GC

GC services.

Becoming a top brand is neither an impossible nor a financial issue. Our services offer a professional solution for this, like brand production and brand management.  With state-of-the-art marketing tools.

The innovative way we work

We love technology and understand the background of the newest marketing technology. We know that in addition to sophisticated style, the most important thing is to always work with the latest marketing technology solutions, be it a newsletter campaign, website development or simply an online advertisement.

Our projects.

Wine from the winemaker - a new era begins in the life of wineries

“Bortaborásztól” - with this term, we would like to draw the attention of all wine lovers to the fact that, they should buy wine directly from the winery like other products of small producers.

Giving an authentic online voice to our partners that brings success

Our partners take the time to create quality products and our team assists to create a narrative that stands out and influences conversation within targeted audiences.

Building strategy for family brands

We like to think of ourselves as a sparring partner when we sit down with our partners creating strategy, brainstorming or defining tasks that need to be accomplished in order to succeed.

An iconic brand can only be built with iconic products

Becoming a recognizable brand today is essential. We believe that packaging is just as important as the product itself and it has great influence whether a product fails in the market or succeeds.

Wine consumers are great but not loyal

Our work with Gilvesy Winery proves that authentic communication is the key to reach brand awareness. We are working together with Robert Gilvesy, the owner of the winery to create an iconic brand with personality.

The way we think about family-owned businesses

We have been working with family-owned businesses for the last 10 years. We have spent most of our time listening and learning from business owners to get a pulse on what the greatest challenges for small business owners are today.

3 global wine trends and what to look out for

Perhaps we can all agree that a distinctive and successful wine brand has an emotional tie to consumers. However, the tools that lead to this success are constantly changing, as are consumer needs. That’s why we believe the secret to success is to choose a flexible strategy that easily adapts to the ever-changing global and individual consumer trends.

Collective marketing - how to do it well

Collective marketing might sound like a good idea when it comes to bringing together winemakers and producers in order to promote themselves with a united marketing strategy. But does it worth it?

A fresh visual toolkit for a successful family company

Our website creating concept is designed to express the unique characteristics of our partners. Therefore stock photos and pre-arranged templates are OUT OF QUESTION!

What wines do consumers want in 2020?

Wine enthusiasts are looking for newness, freshness and unique products in the new decade. The current international trend in the wine market is built on sub-segments in terms of products, design, packaging and communication.

Our expertise

Strategy development

Product development and product design

Website design and copywriting



Social media

Protecting our partners secrets.

When we started Grape Content, we wanted to work as successfuly with our partners as possible. As we noticed every time, during our cooperation, we became more and more take into our partners firm top secrets. We realized that it is very important to protect these, so we contract with each of our partners the obligation of confidentiality.

Gilvesy Winery - Grape Content
Harvest in Eger - Red Grape - GC
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