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Building strategy for family brands

We like to think of ourselves as a sparring partner when we sit down with our partners creating strategy, brainstorming or defining tasks that need to be accomplished in order to succeed.

Our foolproof strategic workshops are one of the most essential parts of our partnerships with our well-developed system. These workshops are not only important at the beginning of the cooperation, but we usually hold them regularly, at least once in a year, for all our partners.

“Our ultimate goal is to train our partners to be better than their competitors.”

One of our best examples of a comprehensive business cooperation is our partnership with the Éliás Estate.

Our work with the Éliás Estate

The Éliás Estate was founded by Csaba Éliás and his family in the panoramic Badacsony hill. Thanks to our communicative workshops and regular consultations, we have built a business strategy, created a competitive brand, builded a product portfolio and defined communication strategy within one year.

“The workshops enabled the Éliás Estate to identify its wider business objectives – for example, its sales strategies – wine shop and restaurant connections.”

Take a look at the results and how extensively we work with our partners:

  • Logo and corporate design: Our goal was to create a design that represented the simple beauty of the Estate.

  • Product portfolio and product design: The winery put the flavour of Balaton in the bottles and we designed a “window” to this Balaton on the label.

  • Website design, creative writing and social media: We displayed a comprehensive story in a modern setting that has the potential to become a direct sales channel with its online shop. We also launched social media communication with unique and authentic message.

  • Event management: We helped the Éliás Estate share it’s astonishing hill view and gastronomic delights with wine lovers in special events.

  • Strategic partnerships: Grape Content helped the winery to put wines on the shelf of multiple wine shops and restaurants.

“These results only show the surface of our work, but we hope that we can make the path to success, a good experience for our partners.” - Livia Kiss, Founder of Grape Content


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