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Wine consumers are great but not loyal

Our work with Gilvesy Winery proves that authentic communication is the key to reach brand awareness. We are working together with Robert Gilvesy, the owner of the winery to create an iconic brand with personality.

About our partner

Gilvesy Winery is an organic and biodynamic property on the Szent György Mount, in the western part of the Balaton-highlands, guided by the passion to recreate the Bohemian elegance of the past in a sublime region of the Balaton. Through their international varietals grown organically on 6 million-year-old volcanoes, they use tradition and technology, to produce distinctive, expressive wines. Their estate features a wine shop and tasting room where events are organized only occasionally.

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The challenge - creating a unique voice

The winery reached out for us to find and start a new way of targeted communication with unique voice, and create brand awareness in a very homogeneous market. So, we help them to rethink their marketing strategy and find new, innovative ways that drive customer engagement.

As a partner of an already iconic brand, our main challenge was to appeal, reach and keep audience from wine enthusiasts to foreign wine merchants.

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Our approach

As part of our partnership with the estate, our main goal is to create an intuitive, well segmented communication on all fronts and find the most effective ways to international brand communication.

We are continuously delivering a wide range of projects that span services from design and communication through website development and creative writing to event management.

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What we delivered

A huge part of our collaboration is about strategic tasks, project management and public relations. We take care of the details of all their marketing activities.

We are continuously developing new connections to organizations and creating active communication to deliver the winery’s well-targeted messages. In the course of our work, we pay close attention to quality press materials which are published regularly about the winery.

As part of the annual marketing strategy we also run social media and newsletter campaigns across all channels to reach new customers and maintain brand communication.

Organizing events for the estate is one of key elements to reach the fans of the winery, it is ranging from tasting workshops, through dining events to wine exhibitions, as well as the most iconic summer festival in the Balaton area, aka Bohém Légyott. During these projects we found that event marketing is one of the best ways to achieve customer engagement.

Grape Content also helps the winery in all kinds of creative planning from creative writings to product designs.

One of our latest project with the winery was the recreation of their website.

~ ~ ~

What we learned

Working with the Gilvesy Winery we learned to manage complex projects in a responsive way that helped us through many challenging and successful projects.


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