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Giving an authentic online voice to our partners that brings success

Our partners take the time to create quality products and our team assists to create a narrative that stands out and influences conversation within targeted audiences.

With an eye toward the future we create responsive digital experiences that help solve the needs of today but has a long-term potential. Our website creating concept and social media communication projects all serve the long-term goals of our partners while giving their audience valuable information and relevant content.

Take a tour through some of our projects where we gave an offline business an online voice through meaningful attributes:

Altoterra - reimagining the online presence of agricultural goods

In 2019, we set out to redesign the website of one of Hungary’s biggest, family owned agricultural fertilizer manufacturers. The key factor in this project was to reinforce Altoterra’s position in the agricultural sector while giving its audience a fresh user experience. Now, the brand has an online mark that gives valuable information to its customers and supports a continuous professional presence.

Café Vian - online access to a local restaurant

Café Vian is one of our earliest partners, we have been working together for almost 4 years now. During this time, we have developed a number of platforms for the restaurant that makes them easily accessible for both Hungarian and foreign guests. Among other things we have introduced such innovations as making the weekly lunch menus easily accessible, shifting table reservations to an online platform and creating a lovebrand through communication. We united the communication of the restaurant chain’s 3 restaurants which resulted in an overall booking record.

Gilvesy Winery - communication without borders

Gilvesy Winery is a respected Estate in the Balaton-Highlands. After years of working together on various PR events, in 2018 our professional relationship became a more frequent collaboration to develop brand messaging around the Gilvesy brand. This project evolved into an international PR campaign for the winery. Our thorough international PR strategy covers areas such as a complete rethinking of their website from a shopping experience perspective, optimizing the number of international press publications, and maintaining a continuous communication on the winery’s platforms.


Bazsalikomoskert - driving credibility through an online platform

One of our projects we are most proud of is the new Bazsalikomoskert website launched in 2018. In the longer-term, the objective of the Bazsalikomoskert website launch was to strengthen the credibility of the natural brand among consumers and large corporations.

After launching the website, Mariann Beh, the founder of Bazsalikomoskert now has an admirable history of association with brands like Samsung, HPS Group, STIHL, Gardene, Miele. The new website also achieved outstanding results in product and workshop sales.

Éliás Estate - new face of the Balaton

The Éliás Estate website was launched in 2018, and serves the purpose of giving an intimate insight into the Badacsony lifestyle and encouraging the wine enthusiasts to visit the fabulous region and taste Éliás wine on the terrace. It plays a big role in wine sales too, as it also includes a webshop.


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