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An iconic brand can only be built with iconic products

Becoming a recognizable brand today is essential. We believe that packaging is just as important as the product itself and it has great influence whether a product fails in the market or succeeds.

We don’t have similar projects, but something still connects them: we always strive to show the aspects that will make each one of them stand out and highlight the values that put them ahead of their competitors.

We work with partners who understand the importance of a good product design.

Bazsalikomoskert - an artistic display of a natural product

The products of Bazsalikomoskert, a natural tea and spice producer, inspired us to break with convention and give its natural products a fresh start with exclusive and artistic glass packages. The hand drawn illustrations found on the labels were inspired by Mariann Beh, founder of Bazsalikomoskert, whose dedicated work and professionally recognized results guarantee first class gourmet products. Each product has Mariann’s signature on it which, as a trademark ensures that it will be worthy of the customers' kitchen shelf.

Dúzsi Winery - A touch of super premium

Respectful toward the ancient rosé type, the Dúzsi Winery celebrates it’s 25nd anniversary with a prestigious merlot rosé, Niola. The iconic winery asked Grape Content to create a label design that helps raise the prestige of premium rosés and restores its worthy place alongside red and white wines. The label’s artwork and the typographic work all serve the purpose of expressing quality and premium feeling.

Patikakert - pharmacy purity and geometric accuracy

Patikakert is an alternative approach to preserve our health through it’s natural products. dr. Tkacsik Márta, mathematician and the founder of Patikakert turned to Grape Content to get help building a new strategy, product portfolio and brand design concept that displays Patikakert’s natural pharmacy and it’s healing power. Our product design is characterized by mathematical regularities, pharmacy purity as well as da Vinci’s revolutionary work.

Éliás Estate - a window to Balaton

We have worked with Csaba Éliás, the founder of the Éliás Estate, from the very first moment, when the idea of establishing a family winery on the Balaton was born. We worked through business strategy together, and helped bring them to life. The Éliás wine portfolio goes back to its origin, the beautiful Badacsony area of Lake Balaton. The simplified, characteristic labels, the narrative names of the wines are all dedicated to delivering the special Balaton atmosphere to consumers. Even the wine bottle, the original Badacsony bottle has the purpose of reinforcing the Balaton identity of the Estate.


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