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Wine from the winemaker - a new era begins in the life of wineries

“Bortaborásztól” - with this term, we would like to draw the attention of all wine lovers to the fact that they should buy wine directly from the winery like other products of small producers.

And now the stakes are even higher: buying from a producer in the current situation is not only trendy, but can also help businesses stay alive.

In the coming weeks and months, wineries will face a major challenge to find new ways to reach consumers and redesign their paralyzed sales system. However, the situation deserves a change in spending habits not only because of the market situation caused by the coronavirus.

With our campaign we would like to launch and raise awareness of the life-saving role of direct purchases from wineries and producers, and at the same time we would like to create a market trend that connects the consumer to the winery in the long run.


The work in the vineyard cannot stop!

Like many businesses, wineries currently have no revenue. Restaurants, merchant companies, chain stores do not buy new wine, or if they do, they make a commission, possibly with a long payment period. Thus, winery revenues are currently approaching zero, while the work in the vineyards and cellars cannot stop. Agriculture cannot be closed like a factory. Furthermore, the next half year, the productive period, will be the most costly for these mostly family businesses to operate.

However, the current circumstances also offer many new opportunities. One of the basic current endowments is that consumers are more open to rethink their shopping channels and habits.

It is clear how much direct and online sales channels and delivery are gaining value in the current situation. However, infrastructure alone is not enough!


Buy whatever you can from the producer!

In the U.S., Australia, and many other wine-producing countries it is common for wine enthusiasts to buy wine from wineries in person or online. When we are on Lake Balaton, we too have the opportunity to buy from the many good Balaton winemakers and not buy the same wine in the store. It is also a good program to have a trip to Etyek or another wine region, where we can taste wine in the cellar, choose our favorites and return home with 1-2 cartons. In Hungary, unfortunately, wine sales at wineries have been steadily declining for the past five years, but perhaps this trend has now reached a turning point.


A campaign starts now: Wine from the winemaker! More products from the producer!

An invitation to winemakers and the press!

To help producers, the message should be displayed on as many platform as possible. The campaign isn’t just for the coming months: we need to use the message for years to make an impact on our customers.

Press and print materials, social media platforms, websites and events should also draw attention to buy WINE FROM THE WINERY. The initiatives of Felelős Gasztróhős Foundation or PalackPosta 2020, the joined project of Agrarian Marketing Centrum and HNT are just a few good examples of this movement.

“In these difficult times, we all need to hold together and help each other. That is why we ask the winemakers to draw attention to the customers in their own way, in their own style, to the importance of buying from wineries” - Lívia Kiss, founder of Grape Content, marketing specialist.


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