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A fresh visual toolkit for a successful family company

Our website creating concept is designed to express the unique characteristics of our partners. Therefore stock photos and pre-arranged templates are OUT OF QUESTION!

Our latest branding and website development projects was for one of Hungary’s family owned agricultural fertilizer manufacturers, Altoterra. We designed a whole new image and logo for the brand and we have transferred their products and services to an online platform that meets all the needs of the new generation of producers from easy contact and quick help to professional information.

We redesigned Altoterra's logo and gave it a fresh, modern look

A unique story deserves a unique design and a user friendly website

Altoterra needed a website that expresses and represents the younger, new generation producers. As with all our projects, we have achieved this with unique and authentic photos made on site by our own photographer, with targeted and personal copywriting and with a clear, ergonomically arranged website.

Focuses on the specific purposes of the company

In the case of Altoterra, the most important aspect was to help farmers to contact them quickly, as in agriculture there is often a need for quick help and cooperation. The phone number at the top of the page, which you don't have to search for minutes, also serves this purpose.

“This may seem like a small thing, but data shows that without well-defined goals and without knowledge of the needs of the company’s target group, a website cannot be effective.”

An easy-to-manage platform that’s perfect on all devices

All our websites are built on the WIX system, allowing us to easily edit your site after launch saving the sometimes very high IT development costs.

With the WIX system, you don’t have to worry about the optimal viewing on different screen sizes. Your website will be awesome on all devices from your desktop to your phone.

“The key factor in this project was to reinforce Altoterra’s position in the agricultural sector while giving its audience a fresh user experience. Now, the brand has an online mark that gives valuable information to its customers and supports a continuous professional presence.”


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