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What wines do consumers want in 2020?

Wine enthusiasts are looking for newness, freshness and unique products in the new decade. The current international trend in the wine market is built on sub-segments in terms of products, design, packaging and communication.

There has been a lot of researches lately about these new customer needs and how the winemakers struggle to capture their consumers’ attention. As on the front lines of the wine profession, we have experienced this trend ourselves and we are doing our best to help wineries to sell wine easier through helping them find their most important wine consuming segments and create innovative strategies.

Is it worth creating new products?

“We believe that successful family brands must make a continuous product acquisition that is in itself newsworthy for their target group and the narrative must also be constantly adapted to them.”

Just as the lives of wine enthusiasts are changing rapidly, we too need to adapt to these ever-changing needs in several segments.

“As wine consumers demand diverse and authentic experiences, the winemakers need to constantly discover new directions to show them new things.”

We are working on a new wine portfolio design project for our partner, Dúzsi Winery.

“A product development project is always very complex and we need information to define the segment that we can confidently build on and that helps make a product successful.”

The new wine labels, we created for the Dúzsi winery also aims to stand out from the rest and to help raise the prestige of premium rosés and restore its worthy place alongside red and white wines. The label’s artwork and the typographic work all serve the purpose of expressing quality and premium feeling.

"Our work has only just begun with the Dúzsi Winery and many other product development and communication projects are waiting for us to really satisfy their customer needs.”


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