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Top brands.

During my college years, I started working with family brands with a wish to help my partners to make their mark on the world. Now, after a decade of experience behind my back, my goal has remained the same.

On this very same principle I founded Grape Content which now is an experienced, innovative marketing agency. It is our goal to help our partners to make their dreams come true, no matter how complex the project is. - Livia Kiss, founder GC


Make a mark on the world.

We build products, services and brands consumers immediately fall in love with. Our goal is no less than the outstanding success of our partners.

The whole point of our business is to add value to yours

We don’t have similar projects, but something still connects them: we always strive to show the aspects that will make each one of them stand out and highlight the values that put them ahead of their competitors.

Our partners work hard.

That's why we do too.

Giving an authentic online voice to our partners that brings success

Our partners take the time to create quality products and our team assists to create a narrative that stands out and influences conversation within targeted audiences.

Wine from the winemaker -

a new era begins in the life of wineries

“Bortaborásztól” - with this term, we would like to draw the attention of all wine lovers to the fact that, they should buy wine directly from the winery like other products of small producers.

Join our growing team at Grape Content.

At Grape Content we're a growing team and we are always looking for talented people, in the marketing field and design. If you would like to work with us, please email us your Resumé, Cover Letter and portfolio to Please put "Job Application: Your Name Here" in the subject. If applying for an internship, please put "Internship Application: Your Name Here" in the subject.

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